Skin Check

A full body skin cancer check, or mole check, is the gold-standard of early detection.

What is a full body skin check?

Undressed to your underwear, a doctor will examine your skin and assess any lesions or moles with a visual inspection and by using a dermatoscope.

This device allows the doctor to see the patterns within the spot with precise detail, allowing us to advise on whether the lesion is of concern or not.

The dermatoscope can pick up early changes well before they are apparent to the naked eye.

Some photographs of moles and spots may be taken, and any suspicious lesions will be noted. The doctor will discuss their findings with you, along with any recommendations for further investigation, monitoring, or treatment.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions regarding the findings and proposed treatment.

Skin Check FAQ

If you have a risk factor for skin cancer, then we advise to have a full body skin check. After your first skin check, your doctor will advise you on a suggested timeline for future checks, depending on your risk factors, your skin, and any suspicious lesions found.

A skin check takes approximately 15 minutes.

Please refer to our schedule of Skin Cancer Clinic Fees for more information.

Yes, these words are generally interchangeable. A mole check or skin check refers to a qualified practitioner examining your whole body for suspicious moles, spots and lesions using a dermatoscope. This is the gold standard for early skin cancer detection.

Yes, you have an important role to play for yourself and your family! Read more about the signs to look out for.

What is Skin Cancer?

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Learn about skin cancer, its risk factors, and what to look out for.

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