Nursing Services

The experienced and compassionate nurses at Enriching Health Medical are here to provide you with high-quality care and support across a wide range of services.

Our nurses provide comprehensive examinations and screenings to assess your overall health status and identify any potential risks or conditions.

We offer 75 health assessments, ensuring you receive thorough evaluations tailored to your specific needs, including:

Pre-diabetes assessments for individuals aged 40-49 and health checks for people 45-49 years, allowing us to proactively monitor and manage your health.

Our nursing team is trained in conducting disability assessments, providing comprehensive evaluations to determine eligibility for disability support services and ensuring individuals receive the appropriate care and support they require.

We provide iron infusions, an effective treatment for individuals with iron deficiency or anaemia, ear syringing services to safely and effectively remove excess earwax, promoting optimal ear health.
We administer all types of vaccines and follow national immunisation schedules to ensure you and your loved ones are protected against preventable diseases.

For patients managing chronic conditions, our nurses can assist in developing and implementing chronic disease management plans. These plans help coordinate your healthcare and provide a comprehensive approach to managing your condition, ensuring you receive support and resources for optimal health outcomes.

We conduct blood pressure checks to monitor your cardiovascular health and provide education on maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.

Our nurses provide wound care, offering expert assessment, treatment, and dressing changes to support wound healing.

For patients with asthma, we provide asthma education and spirometry testing to assist in understanding and managing your condition effectively.

Additionally, we offer 24-hour blood pressure monitoring and Holter monitoring, which involves continuous monitoring of your blood pressure or heart rhythm over a 24-hour period, providing valuable data for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

New Patients Welcome

At Enriching Health Medical, we recognise the role that nursing services play in delivering comprehensive and patient-centred care. Our dedicated team of nurses is committed to supporting your health and well-being, providing expert care, education, and guidance throughout your healthcare journey.

Book an appointment with our nursing team today to experience the compassionate care we provide.