Full Body Check-Ups

Comprehensive Health Check-Ups in Caulfield

Regular Check-Ups Matter

At Enriching Health Medical in Caulfield, we encourage regular health checks with a GP as essential for managing your health.

Check-ups are an opportunity for our skilled doctors to detect health issues early, and to provide personalised preventive care tailored to your needs.

We Listen to Your Concerns

Check-ups are also for you to discuss any symptoms or concerns you may have.

Whether it’s a new pain, a spot on your skin, struggles in your life, or any other health-related issue – the family doctors at Enriching Health Medical are here to get the conversation started towards better health.

The Enriching Health Medical Team of General Practitioners and Staff. Pictured Left Centre Dr Tina Sutton, and pictured Right Centre Dr Russell Bensky.

We strive for excellence in care, compassion and communication.​

Benefits and Services

Regular screenings and tests help detect diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and certain cancers at an early stage. Our services include comprehensive cancer screenings and cardiovascular health assessments.

Routine check-ups offer a chance for vaccinations, health screenings, and lifestyle advice to prevent health problems. We provide immunizations, personalized health advice, and preventive strategies.

Our women’s health check-ups include comprehensive care for menstrual concerns, contraception advice, and management of fertility issues. We also provide support during menopause, offering treatments tailored to your needs. For more information on our women’s health services, learn more.

Specific screenings and evaluations for men’s health, such as prostate exams and cardiovascular assessments. Our services include diabetes risk evaluations and stress management support. Learn more

Why Enriching Health Medical?

Expertise and Compassion

An experienced and compassionate team that understand Family Health.

Personalised Care

Tailored care for your unique health journey.

Welcoming and Inclusive

A safe space for open conversations and high quality medical care.


Meet the Specialist General Practitioners at Enriching Health Medical.

Dr Tina Sutton and Dr Russell Bensky

New Patients Welcome

Enriching Health Medical is A new family medical centre in Caulfield North. We are dedicated to enriching life through excellence in General Practice.