Melanoma Awareness Month

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Melanoma is the third most diagnosed cancer in Australia, and the most common cancer affecting 15 to 39 year-olds.

May is International Melanoma Awareness Month

May is International Melanoma Awareness Month, a spot on the calendar for talking about melanoma, a prevalent and potentially life threatening form of skin cancer.

Even in Melbourne’s sometimes sunny and sometimes cloudy climate, it’s absolutely critical to prioritise skin health and early detection.

What is Melanoma Skin Cancer?

Melanoma is the third most diagnosed cancer in Australia, and the most common cancer affecting 15 to 39 year-olds. It develops from pigment-producing cells in the skin called melanocytes, and can occur anywhere on the skin, including even areas not exposed to the sun!

While melanoma only accounts for a small percentage of skin cancer cases, it is responsible for a majority of skin cancer-related deaths.

Factors such as excessive sun exposure, a history of sunburns, family history of melanoma, and having fair skin, hair, and eyes increase the risk of developing melanoma.

Early Detection Saves Lives

Early detection is critically important for improving the prognosis and outcomes of melanoma. When detected at an early stage, melanoma is highly treatable, with an excellent chance of cure. However, if left untreated, melanoma can spread to other parts of the body, leading to more serious and potentially life-threatening complications.

Being pro-active about changes in your skin is key to early detection. It’s a great idea to regularly perform self-examinations of your skin, paying close attention to moles, freckles, and other pigmented areas.

Look out for changes in size, shape, colour, or texture, as well as the development of new skin spots. If you notice any suspicious changes or have concerns about your skin, please come in for a spot check immediately.

At Enriching Health Medical, we encourage our patients to have regular skin checks. During these appointments, we conduct a thorough examination of your skin, checking for any abnormalities or signs of skin cancer.

What About Total Body Photography?

Total Body Photography is an innovative technique that involves capturing detailed images of the entire body surface.

These images serve as a valuable baseline for monitoring changes in the skin over time, aiding in the early detection of melanoma and other skin cancers.

If you’re interested in Total Body Photography, please ask us about it next time you are in the clinic, or if you have already done your research and are keen to proceed, please book a “Total Body Photography” appointment on our website.

Our Skin Cancer Clinic

Enriching Health Medical offers several appointment types related to skin cancer prevention and detection. We have a Skin Cancer Clinic section on our website that outlines the services we provide.

Our practitioners are highly trained, and we use the top of the range and newest equipment and technologies. And when treatment is required, it is generally performed on-site, right here at Enriching Health Medical.

A skin check takes 15 minutes, and makes a lifetime of difference!

Let us all use this melanoma Awareness Month to prioritise our skin health and take proactive steps towards early detection and prevention.

Whether it’s performing self-examinations, scheduling your skin checks, or practising sun safety measures, every action you take plays a crucial role in protecting yourself against melanoma.

If you have any questions or concerns about your skin health or would like to schedule a skin check, please don’t hesitate to contact our Caulfield Skin Cancer Clinic.

Stay safe, stay sun smart, and take care of your skin!

With Enriching Care,
Dr Russell Bensky

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