Dr Russell Bensky GP

Dr Russell Bensky is a dedicated General Practitioner with special interests in skin cancer medicine and lifestyle modification.

Dr Russell Bensky in front of Enriching Health Medical Value Boards
Dr Russell Bensky MBBS, FRACGP

Dr Russell Bensky is a Specialist General Practitioner, and has been practicing medicine since 2005.

Dr Bensky trained at the University of Western Australia, and has a special interest in lifestyle modification and skin cancer medicine.

He is attentive and thorough, and places great value on helping his patients make informed decisions about their own health. He encourages openness, and feels humbled and inspired by his patients’ willingness to welcome him into their lives.

Dr Bensky supports patients of all ages and genders, through all stages of life’s journey.

He is currently accepting new patients.

Special Procedures​

As part of Dr Bensky’s dedicated General Practice consulting, he has trained to perform a number of special procedures. Some of these include:

Skin Cancer Procedures

Skin biopsies: Shave, Punch and Excisional

Excision of skin lumps such as sebaceous cysts and skin tags

Skin cancer excisions with therapeutic margins

Other Procedures

Insertion and removal of the Implanon contraceptive device

Steroid injections for conditions such as trigger finger

Fracture management: Backslabs and full casts

Founding Enriching

Founding Enriching Health Medical has been a vision some years in the making for Dr Bensky. He believes strongly in the value of General Practice to the local community, and feels privileged to have opened the doors at Enriching Health Medical.

He is passionate about continuing education, the positive impact of collegial support, and is excited to be developing a professional culture of which the Enriching community can all feel proud.

Each month, Dr Bensky writes on health and wellness topics.

Melanoma Awareness Month

May is International Melanoma Awareness Month, a spot on the calendar for talking about melanoma, a prevalent and potentially life threatening form of skin cancer.

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